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Unapologetically raw, unfiltered; her.

Twiggy Collective is about embracing vulnerability, sensuality, intimacy; her, to promote self-worth, authenticity and self-acceptance. We embody raw femininity and expression of the female form to celebrate all that she is.  
We design for the selfless, independent, ambitious woman, who not only is confident to express her true self, but who is passionate about empowering other women to feel the same. Each delicate, feminine piece is handmade, designed to promote strength, self-expression and to represent her - for all that she is. Each piece stands beautifully on its own or can be stacked with other designs, your way. 
Rachel Lindley is the self-taught jewellery designer behind Twiggy Collective. "Through the brand, we aim to harness the beauty of the unedited version of ourselves, inspiring moments of rawness - realness - to empower women to be their unapologetically true self."
The styles are Rachel's own unique design, all sustainably made by herself in Sydney, Australia. The designs feature semi-precious gemstones and freshwater pearls, adorned by glass seed beads and accents of gold. In addition to offering a ready-to-wear range, we also make custom pieces upon request.
Empowering women with self-worth and self-acceptance is our dream for Twiggy.  But it's not just about ourselves, it's about empowering other women, too. We have proudly partnered with i=Change to provide purpose in your purchase. Through i=Change, the sale of each piece of jewellery comes with the opportunity to change another woman's life. $1 from each sale will be donated towards a charity or project dedicated to supporting women in less fortunate circumstances - chosen by you.